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Playful Outfit Syahrini When Playing Tennis, Wearing Patterned Mini Skirt
Playful Outfit Syahrini When Playing Tennis, Wearing Patterned Mini Skirt Syahrini/ Photo: Instagram @PrincesSyahrini

Dream - It seems that Syahrini is currently regularly playing tennis. Syahrini's choice of outfit for sports never fails to attract public attention.

It's no wonder, the outfit chosen by Reino Barack's wife is never ordinary. Like her appearance some time ago that looked playful on the field.

Syahrini/ Photo: Instagram @PrincesSyahrini

The woman who is familiarly called Inces is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with a neat tennis cap. She is wearing a checkered mini skirt with pleats on top of her sports leggings.

Syahrini/ Photo: Instagram @PrincesSyahrini

Not only her fashion items are branded, but the tennis racket used by Syahrini is also from the famous brand Chanel. On point!

Peek at Syahrini's Small Bracelet, Half a Billion Rupiah Price

Dream - Having been involved in the entertainment world, Syahrini's appearance is always in the spotlight. Her expertise in matching outfits is also inspiring and attracts attention.

Not only in dressing, the accessories worn by the singer of the song 'Sesuatu' are also always interesting to review.

For accessories, Syahrini is often seen wearing jewelry ranging from necklaces, bracelets to earrings with unique and luxurious designs.

Instagram @fashionsyahrini2

Like the rose gold bracelet worn by Syahrini in her Instagram post. This woman from Sukabumi is seen wearing a bracelet with a double model from the famous fashion house Hermes.

This Kelly double tour bracelet has a two-layer design. The bottom layer is adorned with black diamonds on a rose gold base.

On the second layer, there is a rose gold plate shaped like a chain adorned with horizontal black diamonds.

This rose gold bracelet with black diamonds is priced at Rp520 million according to the review on Instagram @fashionsyahrini2.

Peek at Syahrini's Unique Style with Million Rupiah Chain Sandals

Dream - For women, footwear is one of the important fashion items to support their appearance. Various footwear comes in models and colors that women can choose according to their character or needs.

One of the celebrities who is often seen wearing refreshing footwear models is Syahrini. Reino Barack's wife often appears with unique and 'different' sandals.

Like her appearance some time ago, the singer of the song 'Sesuatu' wore a soft pink turtleneck inner layered with a red wine cardigan.

This look became more eye-catching when Syahrini paired it with yellow lemon straight pants and a marigold bucket bag.

Instagram @hermes.selebriti

This look is perfected with chain sandals that look unique and attract attention. The gold sandals are slide sandals with gold straps that resemble chains.

Upon closer inspection, these chains form the signature Chain d'Ancre logo of the famous French fashion house, Hermes. There are four stacked chain straps that beautify the feet of this woman from Sukabumi.

According to the review on Instagram @hermes.selebriti, these Hermes ancone espadrilles (or vieilli) in nappa leather with metallic finish are priced at US$590 or equivalent to Rp8,555,000.

Dazzling Syahrini's Bag, Shining Gold Color

Dream - If it is likened, Syahrini is like sugar and branded fashion items are like ants. It's only natural that the everyday appearance of the singer of the song 'Sesuatu' is always surrounded by world-renowned brands.

Like the bag from the fashion house Bottega Veneta that she recently wore. Reino Barack's wife appeared in all pink, carrying a luxurious gold bag.

She wore a hot pink cardigan paired with tight white pants. Not to forget, this Sukabumi-born woman wore a sweet dusty pink scarf.

Instagram @fashionsyahrini2

Adding an elegant touch to her appearance, Syahrini carried a gold-colored bag. This small bag looks attractive with woven accents. Its design is interesting and made with high-quality weaving techniques. The model is so distinctive of the Italian fashion house, Bottega Veneta.

The Mini Jodie series bag looks cute and is estimated to only fit a few small items such as a cellphone, lipstick, powder, or a mini wallet. This mini bag is priced at Rp37,250,000 based on Instagram reviews.

Instagram @fashionsyahrini2

This gold bag owned by Syahrini is luxurious.

Syahrini's Green Style with Luxury Bucket Bag

Dream - Some time ago, Syahrini shared a photo of her while touring Singapore. Reino Barack's wife looked elegant in a white-emerald themed outfit.

Indeed, emerald color gives a luxurious impression when worn by someone. Moreover, this color is currently trending in 2022.

Syahrini wore a classic white shirt layered with an emerald satin vest. This vest has criss-cross straps on the back, making the appearance of this woman from Sukabumi more stylish.

Instagram @hermes.selebriti.

She also wore pants in the same color. Syahrini chose long culottes that reached her ankles.

The woman who is familiarly called Inces carried a caramel-colored bucket bag. This bag from the fashion house Hermes is a bucket bag type with a handle made of leather without a hard case.

In the middle of the bag, there is a strap that extends from the bottom to the top, adorned with a beautiful silver padlock. This Picotin Lock 18 Desert Sesame Swift and Toile Canvas with Palladium Hardware is priced at US$8,000 or equivalent to Rp116 million according to the review on Instagram @hermes.selebriti.

Relaxing with Her Husband's Boxing, Peek at Syahrini's Colorful Style with Luxury Crocodile Leather Bag

Dream - Recently, singer Syahrini was seen wearing a stylish outfit while sitting and enjoying the sunlight. The singer of the song 'Sesuatu' looked beautiful in a white shirt layered with a hot pink cardigan.

This striking pink top is paired with a square scarf in dusky rose color.

Syahrini wore ice blue pegged pants. Rini Fatimah Zaelani combined this eye-catching pink look with an electric blue bag that also stands out.

Syahrini (Instagram/@princessyahrini)

This bag looks so luxurious and captivating. The material used for this bag is not ordinary. Hermes uses niloticus crocodile leather for this bag.

Niloticus crocodile leather is claimed to be one of the exotic and luxurious leather materials from Hermes. No wonder, this bag looks exclusive with its shiny leather texture that is polished with special stones to produce a luxurious 'Lisse Finish'.

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