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Sophisticated Style of Dian Sastro Carrying a Bag Worth Rp666 Million
Sophisticated Style of Dian Sastro Carrying a Bag Worth Rp666 Million Dian Sastro/ Photo: Instagram @therealdisastr

Dream - Dian Sastrowardoyo's charm never fades after more than a decade in the entertainment industry. The actress who played Cinta in the movie Ada Apa dengan Cinta has a beautiful and youthful face.

Already at the age of 41, Dian's appearance still attracts attention, including her fashion taste. Like some time ago, Dian appeared stylishly with a sophisticated outfit.

Dian Sastro/ Photo: Instagram @therealdisastr

Dian wore a white blouse layered with a dark grey long coat. This parachute material long coat gives Dian a boyish look.

This boyish look is paired with long lilac culottes. These plissee culottes may seem contrasting with Dian's top, but in fact, this look makes this woman born in 1992 look sophisticated.

This Universitas Indonesia alumna was seen carrying a Hermes bag. The base color of the bag is caramel with a touch of yellow pocket on the edge of the bag.

This Hermes Kelly bag is made of smooth and durable swift material. Curious about the price? According to the review from the Instagram account @hermesselebriti, the Hermes Kelly Colormatic 25 Retourne Chai bag is priced at Rp666 million.

Dian Sastro/ Photo: Instagram @therealdisastr

Dian Sastro's Outfit While Horseback Riding, Said to Resemble Kate Middleton

Dream - Often appearing simple with minimal makeup, Dian Sastro's appearance never fails to receive praise from fans and netizens. Even her photos while horseback riding are still full of charm.

The actress who played Cinta in the movie Ada Apa dengan Cinta wore a spandex top in air force blue color. The bodyfit top has a high collar with a zipper in the middle. It is paired with black high-waisted pants with a comfortable elastic waistband for sports.

Instagram @therealdisastr

A touch of a black belt with a beautiful silver clasp is seen on Dian's pants. Without makeup, Dian Sastro looks so beautiful with her natural black hair cascading down.

Even during sports activities, Dian Sastro still looks stylish and charming, right, Sahabat Dream? One netizen even commented that this famous Indonesian actress resembles the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton.

"Are you Kate Middleton? 😍," wrote the account @kelanakecil.

Dian Sastro's Indonesian Cake Girl Style

Dream - Lately, more and more public figures are wearing batik or kebaya for photoshoots or activities. This trend has become more popular approaching Independence Day.

One of the public figures who recently appeared wearing kebaya is Dian Sastro. In her Instagram post, the star of the movie 'Kartini' wore a black kemben wrapped in a yellow brocade kebaya and a pink fabric with gold details. She also wore several accessories such as gold earrings, a pink shawl draped over her right shoulder, a handbag, and black shoes.

Dian Sastro Wearing Kebaya

Photo: Instagram @therealdisastr

Regardless of the kebaya she wore, her makeup looks natural and elegant. Her face is adorned with bushy brows-style eyebrows, false eyelashes, mascara, copper-colored smokey eyeshadow, pink blush, contour, highlight, and ombre-style pink lipstick.

Dian Sastro Wearing Kebaya

Photo: Instagram @vagueskin

Meanwhile, her hair is tied at the back with bangs left flowing on the right side of her face. The appearance of the star of the movie 'Gangster' wearing kebaya received a lot of praise from netizens.

"So beautiful, masyallah," praised @unisaaaaa.

"Omg," commented @kiaraumma.

"Ah, cool," said Happy Salma.

"Always stunning," said @widamuhamad.

Dian Sastro's Darker Skin After Vacation in Bali, Her Appearance Flooded with Praise

Dream - There is something different about Dian Sastro's appearance after vacationing in Bali. The skin of the main character in the movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta looks darker.

Dian Sastro uploaded her latest appearance on Instagram. In the photo, she is seen wearing a white tank top. Her long hair is left flowing.

To complete her appearance, the daughter-in-law of Adiguna Sutowo wore wide black sunglasses.

disas© instagram

photo: instagram @therealdisastr

Although her skin has become darker after vacationing in the Island of the Gods, Dian seems not to care. She still looks beautiful and charming with her dark skin.

The photo uploaded on Instagram even received a flood of praise from netizens.

dian© instagram

Romantic Portraits of Uyaina Arshad and Her Husband Who Will Soon Become Parents

photo: instagram @therealdisastr

"It's like the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Di. The older you get, the younger you look," said Gina S Noer.

"This looks like a high school student," said the account punchh.

"Mbak Di... you look exactly like Cinta when she was young... love it so much," said the account rizkayoe.

"Mbak Di... you look exactly like Cinta when she was young... love it so much," said the account riarahmansyah.

"Wow 😍 looking so beautiful," said the account bikkigomoh.

Bold vs Flawless, Dian Sastro's Face in 2 Makeup Looks

Dream - Celebrities' makeup at various events always arouse curiosity. Their faces can drastically change due to makeup, or on the contrary, look natural with a captivating aura.

If Sahabat Dream is looking for a makeup theme for attending an event, you can take a look at Dian Sastrowardoyo's makeup style. Under the hands of makeup artist (MUA) Maharani Nilla, Dian looks elegant with very different makeup styles.


For the first makeup style, it has a flawless theme. Maharani gives a nude touch to Dian's lips. A sprinkle of shimmer on the lower lash line gives a glamorous impression.

Dian Sastro

Photo: Instagram @maharani_nilla_makeup

The eyebrows are made as natural as possible but with sharp lines. Black eyeliner makes Dian's beautiful eyes even more attractive. Bronzer on the cheekbones makes the look more luxurious.

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