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NASL by Nagita Slavina is Available on Shopee and Offers Various Everyday and Ramadan Fashion
NASL by Nagita Slavina is Available on Shopee and Offers Various Everyday and Ramadan Fashion Comedian Kadir (KLY)

In addition to being a celebrity, Nagita Slavina is also known as a successful entrepreneur. This is evidenced by her ability to have her own local fashion brand called NASL By Nagita Slavina. Through her brand, she has presented a variety of clothing collections with distinctive characteristics through bright colors and unique patterns for women in Indonesia. 

With a vision to support the uniqueness and confidence of women, as well as a high spirit in pursuing dreams, NASL and Shopee Indonesia together help consumers to get fashion collections more easily. What's special is that entering this holy month of Ramadan, NASL is launching its latest collection, Raya Collection, which will be exclusively available on Shopee on March 29, 2023, with various attractive offers.

NASL brings a new color to the Indonesian fashion industry with high quality and various models that can be worn on every occasion. Nagita Slavina, Founder of NASL, said, "NASL itself was founded for great women in Indonesia who have uniqueness from their different backgrounds to be able to confidently present their best version. To achieve this, we work together with Shopee so that all consumers can easily and comfortably get our products and look their best."

Maximize Your Appearance with Your Own Version with NASL by Nagita Slavina 

Every collection presented by NASL has its own distinctive patterns and unique cuts to illustrate the uniqueness of each Indonesian woman. This also supports everyone who wears it to explore or mix and match according to their own style.

"All NASL collections are made versatile to suit the needs of women with various roles, ranging from students, career women, to housewives, and of course using comfortable and high-quality materials."

After featuring diagonal prints in our first collection, this time Raya Collection will play with lines and flora. The iris flower symbolizes hope, while the stripes symbolize our path and goals in this special month," said Ryan Koto, Head of Designer at NASL.

Raya Collection: NASL's Latest Collection for Families in the Upcoming Eid Moment

Last February, NASL introduced the Denim collection on Shopee, which can accompany all community activities. With the enthusiasm and positive response received through this collection, NASL Shopee now launches the debut of the Raya Collection on Shopee to enliven the Ramadan moment that everyone always looks forward to. This latest collection offers a variety of Eid fashion choices for Indonesian women and other family members.

NASL by Nagita Slavina is Available on Shopee and Offers Various Everyday and Ramadan Fashion

Monica Vionna, Head of Marketing Growth at Shopee Indonesia, also expressed her excitement, "This holy month of Ramadan is always the right moment to improve ourselves and create warm moments by gathering with family. Therefore, through our collaboration with NASL by Nagita Slavina, we want to add happiness to users with various unique product collections, including their latest collection, Raya Collection, available on the Shopee app."

"We understand that preparations for Eid are not easy, so we provide convenience to fulfill fashion needs comfortably and easily, and can be enjoyed with various attractive offers. In addition to the offers that can be utilized, Shopee also has the Shopee Affiliate Program as a platform for users who want to earn additional income by sharing reviews and fashion product inspirations in this Ramadan full of togetherness. People can also get additional commissions like Nagita Slavina just by giving product recommendations," she added.

Raya Collection will be available exclusively on Shopee starting from March 29, 2023. In addition, in this launch, the community can get the NASL x Mylk collection for children's fashion needs, offering bright colors and expressive impressions for children to wear in the upcoming Eid moment.

NASL by Nagita Slavina is Available on Shopee and Offers Various Everyday and Ramadan Fashion


If you want to get fashion collections from NASL, you can directly visit the official NASL store on Shopee and get other attractive offers.


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