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Zaskia Sungkar Combines Pastel Dress with Fancy Obi Belt
Zaskia Sungkar Combines Pastel Dress with Fancy Obi Belt Zaskia Sungkar/ Instagram @zaskiasungkar15

Dream - Zaskia Sungkar is a celebrity who likes to experiment with outfit combinations. Like in her latest photo uploaded on Instagram @zaskiasungkar15.

The fashion entrepreneur wore a simple dress with a unique accent. She combined a pastel-colored dress with a fancy fuchsia obi belt.

The loose dress in soft pink with an A-line cut was paired with a lilac-colored shirt outer. The collar and lace trim adorned this outer. The puff sleeves added sweetness to Zaskia's appearance.

Zaskia Sungkar/ Instagram @zaskiasungkar15

To add a more eccentric touch, Zaskia paired the dress with a fuchsia ruffle obi belt. Matching her obi belt, she wore fuchsia high heels with a pointed toe box.

Zaskia Sungkar/ Instagram @zaskiasungkar15

She completed her look with a simple lavender pashmina hijab. Layering outfits and combining colors can create an interesting style, Dream Friends.

Zaskia Sungkar Maximizes Glamour with Pleated Outer

Dream - An all-black outfit is not very popular for attending a wedding. This color is often associated with mourning, but if you really want to wear a black outfit, make sure to pair it elegantly and sweetly.

Don't go too plain or stiff, as it will make your appearance inappropriate for a joyful wedding. Want to attend a wedding wearing black clothes?

Zaskia Sungkar's appearance can be an inspiration, Dream Friends. When attending Kiky Saputri's wedding a few days ago, Zaskia came in a very elegant all-black outfit.

Zaskia Sungkar

She wore a black silk hijab, combined with a black blouse with a big bow detail at the waist, which had a metallic nuance. Zaskia was wearing a wide pleated skirt and outer that dragged on the floor. It looked like a robe.

Zaskia Sungkar

Choosing black color, Zaskia still wanted to highlight a glamorous touch. She attached a large silver brooch to the outer.

Red lipstick, smokey makeup, and jewelry brooches made her appearance so dramatic and beautiful. Maximum glamour!

Check Out Zaskia Sungkar's Style with a Luxurious Bag Strap, Priced at Rp17 Million

Dream - Some time ago, Zaskia shared a photo of herself with her friend, Laudya Cynthia Bella. They looked harmonious wearing oat-colored hijabs.

Zaskia combined her oat hijab with a two-tone blazer. The pine-colored blazer was combined with a pattern that mixed tosca, oat, and navy colors on the sleeves.

She appeared with a patterned sleeve and confidently combined it with a patterned strap.

Instagram @hermes.selebriti

A black bag was paired with a round patterned strap. The combination of black, red, gray, and navy colors created a playful impression on Zaskia's appearance.

It is known that the bag strap is a product of the Hermes fashion house. This bag strap, made of canvas and soft swift calfskin, is priced at US$1,600 or around Rp17.6 million based on the review from Instagram @hermes.selebriti.

What do you think, Dream Friends, interested in having this Sangle Flipperball Bag Strap made in France?

Chic Style of Zaskia Sungkar Wearing Expensive Loafers

Dream - Zaskia Sungkar is skilled at combining outfits that cover her aurat while still looking stylish. It's no wonder that her hijab style shared on Instagram always inspires Muslim women.

Some time ago, this woman born in 1990 looked sweet with a combination of gray and black outfits.

Irwansyah's wife was seen wearing a long gray outer with wide sleeves. The inner she wore had a zigzag pattern in white and blue that blended nicely.

Instagram @hermes.selebriti

While posing in her private elevator, Zaskia showed off the loafers she was wearing. The oval toe box of the shoes was adorned with the iconic "H" hardware from the famous French brand, Hermes.

The suede shoes in air force blue color looked perfect on Zaskia. Based on the review from Instagram @hermes.selebriti, the Paris loafers in suede goatskin with palladium-plated signature "H" detail and contrasting nappa leather piping are priced at US$1,100 or around Rp17.05 million.

Zaskia Sungkar Wears Crocodile Leather Shoulder Bag, Priced at Nearly Rp600 Million

Dream - Zaskia Sungkar is a celebrity with an interesting fashion taste. This woman, who is affectionately called Kia, always inspires hijabers with her appearance.

Shireen Sungkar's sister also has a successful fashion business. This success allows Kia to buy her favorite fashion items, including bags.

Some time ago, Kia was seen combining interesting outfits with a dark grey kimono outer combined with matching pleated culottes.

Instagram @hermes.selebriti

This all-dark grey outfit was paired with a square scarf with a pattern. The soft pink and dark grey colors blended nicely in the scarf. To add color variation to her appearance, Zaskia wore deep carrot-colored mule sandals.

To perfect her look, Irwansyah's wife draped a shoulder bag designed by the international fashion house Hermes. This midi shoulder bag is made of crocodile leather, known for its durability.

This crocodile leather bag looks very exclusive with its shiny texture polished with special stones to achieve a luxurious 'Black Shiny Finish'.

To enhance the shoulder bag, there is a beautiful rose gold letter H accessory.

According to Instagram @hermes.selebriti, one Hermes constance 24 mm black shiny alligator with rose gold hardware is priced at US$41,000 or around Rp594.5 million.

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