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Low Impact Sports Suitable for Fasting
Low Impact Sports Suitable for Fasting Comedian Kadir (KLY)

Dream - The holy month of Ramadan is the right moment to start many positive things for both physical and spiritual health. If spiritual health is filled with worship, maintaining physical health can be started by adopting a healthier lifestyle, one of which is exercise.


Engaging in sports during fasting month certainly has its own challenges. Not to mention having to adjust to the busyness of work or other activities outside the house.

Dream friends are highly recommended to continue exercising even while fasting. Of course, the type of exercise performed must be adjusted to the body's condition.

Here are light, easy-to-do low impact exercises that keep the body healthy, as summarized by Dream from Healthline.


Jumping Jack Low Impact


  1. Start by standing with your hands down by your sides
  2. Extend your right leg and, at the same time, raise your hands above your head
  3. Keep your weight on your right leg during this movement.
  4. Return to the starting position
  5. Immediately step your left leg out. Once again, with your weight on your left leg, raise your arms above your head.


Squat to jab


  • Start by standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your arms down by your sides
  • Squat down, ensuring your chest is lifted, your buttocks are back, and your knees are out
  • Stand up, and as your legs extend, perform a cross-body punch with each arm
  • Squat again, stand up, and perform a jab movement

(Source: Healthline)

Choose the Right Time to Exercise During Fasting to Avoid Thirst

Dream - To keep your body fit, Dream friends must still maintain a healthy lifestyle during fasting. Food choices and calorie intake need to be controlled, adequate sleep and water consumption, as well as regular exercise.

The habit of exercising itself needs to be adjusted to the fasting time to remain effective and not make you feel more hungry and thirsty.

Fitness Influencer, Verawaty Budiyanto, suggests exercising 1-2 hours before breaking the fast. This is because the body will produce growth hormone or Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in small doses after 12 hours of fasting.


Photo: Shutterstock

This hormone can stimulate growth, reproduction, and cell regeneration, improve body metabolism, and maintain body structure.

Ideally, Vera suggests weightlifting after 13 hours of fasting. This is to effectively increase growth hormone production and prevent excessive thirst.

Muscle growth will also be maximized during this time, making weightlifting more recommended. Dream friends can change the exercise time in the morning with the same type of exercise if there are time constraints in the afternoon.

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Prevent Stomach Disorders During Fasting with This Type of Exercise

Dream - Fasting is often considered difficult for people with gastric or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) due to drastic changes in eating patterns. To overcome this, some people consume gastric medication when experiencing certain symptoms.

Have you experienced this, Dream friends? This condition can still be prevented in several ways. You can also exercise and avoid stomach disorders to feel more comfortable while fasting.

Research Proves Exercising at Night Can Control Blood Sugar Levels


Here are tips to prevent stomach disorders and still exercise during fasting from Fitness Influencer, Verawaty Budiyanto.

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