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Meisya Siregar's Elegance in Lilac Dress with Syar'i Nuance
Meisya Siregar's Elegance in Lilac Dress with Syar'i Nuance Meisya Siregar/ Photo: Instagram @meisya__siregar

Dream - Being active as a presenter and model in the 2000s did not diminish Meisya Siregar's charm. Meisya is one of the hijab celebrities whose outfit combinations attract attention, especially since she often appears in syar'i clothing.

Meisya Siregar/ Photo: Instagram @meisya__siregar

In one of her posts on Instagram @meisya_siregar, this woman born in 1979 is seen wearing a lilac dress and an elegant syar'i hijab. The first layer of this dress appears to be satin fabric with lilac color and shiny embossed flower motifs.

Meisya Siregar/ Photo: Instagram @meisya__siregar

This dress is lined with lining fabric that makes Meisya's appearance look sweet. She combines the dress with a syar'i hijab that extends to the waist.

This purple mauve hijab has a two-layer cut at the end. The layering accents on her dress and hijab are so elegant.

Isn't Meisya's appearance with this syar'i hijab beautiful, Dream friends?

Red and White Theme Idea ala Meisya Siregar

Dream - In a few days, the entire Indonesian community will celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. This year's celebration will be very lively as stage events and performances can be held again, after 2 years of not being able to be done during the pandemic.

For Dream friends who will attend the official celebration of the 17th of August independence, of course, they must come in red and white outfits. Are you confused about choosing a mix and match?

Take a look at Meisya Siregar's style. The presenter who has just returned from the Holy Land looks so elegant in red and white. On her Instagram account @meisyasiregar, she shows a photo of herself with a white hijab and a bright red blazer.

Meisya Siregar

Photo: @meisyasiregar

Soft Makeup

She chose a soft, chiffon hijab and wore it wrapped around her head. The white color makes her face even more glowing with soft makeup.

Meisya Siregar

Photo: @meisyasiregar

As for the blouse, Meisya chose a bright red color. Loose-fitting and made from luxurious fabric, the blouse makes her look elegant.

It can be an inspiration for the upcoming 17th of August, Dream friends.

Dian Pelangi's Style Combining Orange Shirt and Patterned Hijab, Mistaken for a College Student

Dream - Dian Pelangi is one of the popular Muslim fashion designers in Indonesia whose appearance always attracts attention, especially her daily style.

Some time ago, while traveling by car, the 31-year-old fashion designer was seen wearing a bright-colored outfit combined with a patterned scarf.

Instagram @dianpelangi

Dian Pelangi wore a black shirt combined with ebony-colored satin pants. Adding color variation to her appearance, she wore a pumpkin orange t-shirt with a classic long-sleeved cut.

Patterned Scarf

Instagram @dianpelangi

A square scarf with abstract motifs is combined in Dian's look this time. The colors red, white, black, and navy blend well on this scarf.

Mistaken for a College Student

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A post shared by Dian Pelangi (@dianpelangi)

Seeing Dian Pelangi's appearance combining an orange t-shirt and a patterned scarf, many netizens commented on this look.

"Wow, so cool, my lady 😍," wrote one netizen.

"Beautiiful😍😍 very chic," wrote another netizen.

"What semester of college is she in, if I may know? 😂," wrote another netizen.

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