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Momo Geisha Looks Stylish with All-Black Outfit
Momo Geisha Looks Stylish with All-Black Outfit Momo/ Photo: Instagram @therealmomogeisha

Dream - Black color is often relied upon for various occasions, from casual styles for hangouts, formal styles for work, to parties.

The neutral and minimalist impression of black color can be the right choice when confused about choosing everyday clothes. Dream friends can see the outfit inspiration from singer Momo Geisha shared on her Instagram account @therealmomogeisha.

Momo/ Photo: Instagram @therealmomogeisha

Momo appears all in black, wearing a long-sleeved knit top. This black top has a zipper accent in the middle.

The bodyfit top is paired with ash black cutbray pants. The pants are covered in handwritten Balenciaga letters.

The singer of the song 'Jika Cinta Dia' is seen carrying a black bag with a wide strap that combines red and taupe colors. She also wears white shoes with a thick platform, completing Momo's appearance. The black sunglasses make this 36-year-old woman's appearance more standout.


Different Appearance, Momo Geisha Wears Veil During Vacation

Dream - Momo, former vocalist of the band Geisha, is currently on vacation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She shared her exciting moments while vacationing in the capital city of Dubai.

One of the photos that caught attention is when Momo appeared differently. The Sumatran-blooded singer wore a veil.

Instagram @therealmomogeisha

She wore a navy cardigan paired with light blue jeans that matched well. A light blue scarf was wrapped around her head, forming a turban. The fabric covered her nose to her chin.

Instagram @therealmomogeisha

This scarf has a luxurious pattern of flowers and leaves. How about it, Dream friends, are you amazed by Momo's appearance with the scarf and veil?

Adorable Style of Momo Geisha Attending a Birthday Party, Carrying a Bag Worth an Avanza Car

Dream - Despite being 36 years old, Momo, the former Geisha vocalist, still maintains her youthful charm. The beauty of the wife of a businessman from Malang remains unchanged, just like when she was still active in the music industry. In fact, Momo often receives compliments for her eternal youthfulness.

Although she rarely appears in the entertainment world, which always demands following trends, Momo always keeps her appearance up to date.

Just like when she attended a birthday celebration. Momo was seen wearing a white mini dress.

Instagram @hermes.selebriti

This mini dress has a cape-like cut with a touch of tile fabric on the top coat. The same-colored embroidery accent enhances the top part of this mini dress.

To complete her appearance, Momo carried a white bag that looked elegant.

Luxurious Bag

This bag from the famous fashion house Hermes is made of Clemence leather. This type of leather is known for its strength, good quality, and durability.

Decorating this bag is an additional long strap that can be used as needed. The strap has a gold metal accent used as a hook.

Then, on the turnlock of the bag, there is an elegant gold metal touch. It is equipped with a padlock and a white clochette that beautify the bag.

According to Instagram @hermes.selebriti, this Hermes kelly 28 retourne white clemence leather with gold hardware is priced at US$18,750 or nearly IDR 272 million.

Adorable Sandals Worth IDR 14 Million Worn by Momo Geisha

Dream - After a long hiatus from the entertainment world, Momo, the former Geisha vocalist, is making a comeback on the screen. Her face, Narova Monica Sinaga, is starting to appear in YouTube videos and as a model for certain fashion items.

Instagram @hermes.selebriti

Recently, the singer of the song 'Jika Cinta Dia' was seen on vacation and shared her fashionable photos. Momo was wearing a black mini dress with a fuchsia outer layer, which is a current trend this year.

Momo was wearing clogs sandals with a rounded toe box, which creates an illusion of larger feet. The clogs sandals she wore were made of denim with taupe-colored straps and silver decorations in the middle.

These clogs sandals from the famous fashion house Hermes are priced at 970 euros or equivalent to IDR 14.25 million, according to Instagram @hermes.selebriti. These Carlotta Muie sandals are adorned with silver dots around the sole, making them more attractive.

A Tiny Bag Worth IDR 203 Million Owned by Momo Geisha, Measuring Only 13 Centimeters

Dream - Momo, the former Geisha vocalist, once surprised the public with her collection of Hermes shoes in the same model, only different in color. Momo was willing to buy shoes worth tens of millions with the exact same model.

Not only shoes, but this former Geisha vocalist is also often seen using branded bags from various famous brands. Like at an event she attended, Momo looked elegant with a simple gray metallic dress and a matching ribbon adorning her head.

Momo was seen carrying a mini bag with a rectangular shape. This shiny black bag from the Hermes brand is a perfect match for her gray metallic look.

Instagram @hermes_selebritii

This bag is made of swift leather, which is known for its smooth and elastic texture. Not only does it have a smooth texture, but this leather is also known for its durability.

This black mini kelly cut bag has a short height and widens to the sides. It has a height of approximately 13 cm and a width of 31 cm. In the middle of the bag, there is a bag accessory, namely gold hardware, which makes the bag even more elegant.


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