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Easier Weight Loss with Food Combinations
Easier Weight Loss with Food Combinations TikToker Successfully Loses Weight. (Source: TikTok @ekkafitrie)

Dream - Following a diet to lose weight is not easy. Dream's friends also have to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet to optimize weight loss.

You can also optimize weight loss by choosing specific food combinations. According to, here are some food combinations that can help with weight loss.

Potatoes with Pepper


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Potatoes are often avoided during a diet because they are high in carbohydrates, but you can consume them as an alternative to rice or white bread that is high in fiber. Consume potatoes with pepper, which contains piperine, so that you can inhibit the formation of new fat cells when eating.


Coffee with Cinnamon

Coffee with Cinnamon

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Coffee with cinnamon is often sold in the market and can accelerate weight loss. The caffeine in coffee can delay hunger, while cinnamon contains antioxidants to prevent fat accumulation in the body. Consuming a mixture of both can optimize weight loss.

Rice with Green Peas

Complete the low-protein and lysine amino acid nutrition of rice by adding green peas. Foods rich in protein will make you feel fuller and more energized during activities, making weight loss easier.

Fruits and Vegetables with Healthy Fats

Vitamin needs must be met for the body. Vitamins will function optimally when consumed with fats. You can mix fruits and vegetables with healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, grains, or milk to complete the nutrition. Consume them in the form of salads, pasta, smoothies, and other dishes according to your preference to help with weight loss.

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Enjoyable Eating While Dieting, Just Follow These 3 Tips

Dream - When adopting a healthy eating pattern or wanting to lose weight, many people feel restricted when choosing food. The chosen food usually has to be truly healthy.

Not only the ingredients, but also the processing, calories, and nutrients are taken into account. Sometimes, this makes some people give up on a healthy diet.

However, there are no strict rules that one must avoid certain foods continuously. You are still free to consume all kinds of food and drinks.

It's just that you need to pay attention to a few things. Here are some tips from Coach Diet, Velda Masli, so you can freely consume various foods and drinks while dieting.

1. Regulate Intake

Eating Unhealthy Food

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The first thing to consider is the frequency of consuming certain foods or drinks. Consume easily digestible foods or drinks every day.

Occasionally, you can consume foods that take longer to digest or are less healthy. However, make healthy eating habits a routine.

2. Control Portions


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Control the portions of the food you want to consume to avoid overeating and causing weight gain or blood sugar spikes. You can eat or drink in crowded places to have better control over your appetite.

3. Regulate Calories and Nutrients

Choose foods or drinks that are not only delicious and high in calories, but also rich in nutrients. If your body lacks nutrients when consuming certain foods or drinks, make sure you reserve daily calories to meet your daily nutritional needs with other intake.

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