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This is What Happens When Wuling Alvez Body Becomes a Canvas
This is What Happens When Wuling Alvez Body Becomes a Canvas Photo: Shania Suha Marwan

Dream - Vehicles have become a statement of lifestyle for young people. Many vehicles are modified to suit the owner's character. 

Seeing this, Wuling collaborated with Bartega, an art entrepreneur company, to turn Wuling Alvez into a canvas. 

The collaboration resulted in a car with artistic paintings that was showcased during the Media Iftar Gathering event held on Thursday, March 30, 2023 at Yougwa Danau Sentani. 

One unit of Alvez 'Style and Innovation in One SUV' accompanied by the painting is an artwork that depicts modern and dynamic life today. 

"The latest compact SUV from Wuling is a mobility solution for those who are young at heart and stylish," said Dian Asmahani, Brand and Marketing Director of Wuling Motors. 

The creation is a visual representation in the form of illustrations about Alvez, which can be a loyal companion in every journey of life. 

"This is supported by its stylish appearance and various innovative features embedded in Alvez," said Dian. 

Bartega transforms Alvez into a mobile canvas, painting each side to show several patterns and objects that depict people working, socializing, pursuing hobbies, and commuting to work.

"Wuling Alvez is a modern car designed with a stylish look and equipped with innovative features to facilitate users in their daily activities," said Benson Putra, Co-founder of Bartega. 

The paintings on the car describe an interesting picture of how Wuling Alvez is very enjoyable in accompanying our daily activities full of social interactions and accustomed to navigating busy streets.

"With a strong concept and an interesting depiction, this painting delivers a positive and inspirational message about how our lives can become more dynamic and enthusiastic with Alvez," explained Benson. 

Bartega is a company that supports a community in the field of art, dedicated to inspiring people to explore creativity through painting. 

"Bartega believes that art has the power to improve the quality of life, open minds and hearts, and build connections between individuals," said Benson. 

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