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'Gema Ramadan SCTV' to be Held This Weekend with a Star-Studded Lineup
'Gema Ramadan SCTV' to be Held This Weekend with a Star-Studded Lineup Photo: Gema Ramadan SCTV

Dream - The most enjoyable activity to fill the weekend during Ramadan is to gather with friends or family. Accompanying the time before breaking the fast, SCTV presents a number of outstanding and inspirational programs during the holy month of Ramadan through the series "Ramadan Full of Love."

This weekend, SCTV will also present a program that combines religious music and sermons in "Gema Ramadan" which will be broadcasted from ICE BSD, Tangerang. Lasting for two days (April 1-2), you can visit "Gema Ramadan" for free.

Hosted by celebrity Ben Kasyafani together with Ustaz Soleh Mahmud (Solmed), "Gema Ramadan" will also be enlivened by famous Indonesian musicians such as Gigi and the singer who popularized the song "Alhamdulillah," Opick.

The Ramadan atmosphere will also feel warmer in "Gema Ramadan" by bringing in Dude Harlino and sermons from Ustaz Taufiqurrahman, also known as Ustaz Pantun.

Gema Ramadan

Not only that, "Gema Ramadan," which will take place tomorrow, will also present a number of other events such as the Food & Beverages Bazaar, Fashion Bazaar, and Talk Show with several inspirational figures in Indonesia such as Jenahara Nasution, Abigail Audy, Nabila Ishma, Jihan Malik, Caca Tengker, Raden Prisya, Mega Iskanti, Shella Alaztha, Vivi Yusof, and Ustaz Bendri Jaisyurrahman who often shares Islamic family studies.

In addition to holding live events, for those of you who love FTV (Television Films) on SCTV, there will be Ramadan FTV that will accompany you during the moments of Ramadan 1444 H.

It is known that this Ramadan FTV highlights inspirational stories and learning about everyday life problems.

It will be available every day during Ramadan 1444 H at 04.30 WIB and 14.30 WIB. SCTV's FTV series is starred by famous actors and actresses including Dude Harlino, Tengku Firmansyah, Dina Lorenza, Lucky Perdana, Sandrinna Michelle, Esta Pramanita, Mahdy Reza, and many more.

This week, Ramadan FTV will be presented through various titles including "Ambisi Calon Desa yang Berlumur Dosa" (The Ambition of a Prospective Village Covered in Sin), "Bintang Jatuh Menjemput Taubat" (The Falling Star Meets Repentance), "Hidup Kembali Menjelang Taubat" (Living Again Before Repentance), and "Calon Suami di Surga" (Future Husband in Heaven) which will air from Thursday, March 30, 2023, to Sunday, April 2, 2023.

Memorable Stories of the Stars of Tajwid Cinta SCTV, Harris Vriza and Cut Syifa, Sharing Free STB

Dream - Supporting the government's program regarding the transition to digital broadcasting, the cast of soap operas aired on SCTV television station has a unique way of approaching their fans. In the SCTV Artists Meeting held in Yogyakarta last weekend, several soap opera actors distributed Set Top Box (STB) devices to the residents.

Held in Jogya City on Sunday, January 22, 2023, the SCTV Artists Meeting event, which took place at 1 PM, brought together the two main actors of the soap opera Tajwid Cinta, Harris Vriza and Cut Syifa. They met with their fans in the Sultan's city.

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After the excitement of the SCTV Artists Meeting event, Harris Vriza and Cut Syifa directly distributed 10 STB units to residents in need.

Cut Syifa and Harris© Cut Syifa and Harris

These two young celebrities visited people's homes to directly distribute STBs for free during the Artists Meeting event.

"Earlier, we distributed set-top boxes to several houses in this area. Then, there were people who gave us something, compliments, beautiful words, and we gave them set-top boxes. Because now it has switched to digital TV," said Cut Syifa in her statement in Yogyakarta, received by Dream on Monday, January 23, 2023.

Harris Vriza admitted that he had just witnessed firsthand the condition of the people in the area, which turned out to have many who still did not have STB devices.

"Alhamdulillah, we have the opportunity to distribute them. Besides watching, what else can they do for entertainment? I am very happy to be able to help them, so that they can also watch SCTV, watch Tajwid Cinta," said Harris Vriza.

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Harris and Cut Syifa at SCTV Artists Meeting

© Harris and Cut Syifa at SCTV Artists Meeting

In addition, Cut Syifa and Harris Vriza are delighted to be involved in the SCTV Artists Meeting event in Yogyakarta.

"I am so happy today that we have the SCTV Artists Meeting in Jogja. The enthusiasm is extraordinary, very exciting. Apparently, many friends in Yogyakarta watch Tajwid Cinta. Many know Dafri and Syifa. I am very happy," said Cut Syifa mentioning the names of the characters she and Harris portrayed.

"Same here, I am also very happy. I didn't expect it to be so lively. They were willing to wait from 1 PM until 4 PM. They even stood, there were no seats, and it was hot. I am very happy that their enthusiasm boosts my mood and spirit to work and give the best for the audience," said Harris Vriza.

Harris and Cut Syifa at SCTV Artists Meeting

© Harris and Cut Syifa at SCTV Artists Meeting

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Meanwhile, the Deputy Director of Programming at SCTV stated that the presence of the SCTV Artists Meeting was done as a form of appreciation from SCTV to loyal viewers of SCTV shows.

"Through the 'Artists Meeting,' it is also hoped that it can alleviate the longing of the audience to be able to meet their idol artists face to face, whom they have only seen on the SCTV screen," said Banardi Rachmad, Deputy Director of Programming at SCTV.

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