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Break! The excitement of Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023 on Day 1
Break! The excitement of Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023 on Day 1 Ustaz Habib Husein Ja'far performing at the Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023 event (Photo: Fanani)

Dream - Kapanlagi Youniverse's signature event during Ramadan, Kapanlagi Buka Bareng (KLBB) 2023, received a warm welcome. Since it started at 3:00 PM WIB, the audience has been continuously coming to fill Pulau Satu Senayan Pak, Central Jakarta on Saturday, April 1, 2023.

KapanLagi Buka Bareng 2023, which lasts for two days, will greet the capital city's residents again today (Sunday, April 2, 2023) from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM WIB.

Combining music and culinary festival, Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023 also presents around 15 tenants ready to provide delicious food for the attending visitors.

On the first day of the event, KLBB 2023 was opened with a tausiyah delivered by Habib Husein Ja'far as a spiritual cleansing for the visitors before breaking their fast.

After breaking the fast, the wave of audience coming to Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023 continued to increase. Long queues were seen in front of the gate leading to the event location.

This can be understood because after Maghrib, the KLBB 2023 event continued with a performance by the V1rst & UNITY group, which became the opening act of the festival.


V1RST, consisting of Jessica, Fia, Reva, Rara, Faela, Sachiko, Safa, performed first at around 6:10 PM WIB.

"Hi everyone, as people say, if you don't know, you won't love. Let's get to know each other first. We are a girl band formed on October 7, 2022. Our first song is titled Malu-Malu," said Shandy from the stage.

V1RST's Performance at KLBB 2023

After the introduction, V1RST continued to entertain the audience by performing several hit songs such as Rasa. The attending audience also sang along.


The excitement continued when the boyband UN1TY took the stage. Opening their performance with two songs, So Bad and Baby, the presence of the boyband consisting of Ahmad Maulana Fajri, Fenly Christovel Wongjaya, Muhammad Fikih Aulia, Muhammad Gilang Dika Perdana Bakhri, Shandy Maulana, and Zweitson Thegar Setyawijaya made the atmosphere even more exciting.

UN1TY's Performance at KLBB 2023

Even though one of their members, Gilang, was sick and unable to attend, UN1TY still managed to entertain the fans who had been present since the afternoon.

"We are very happy to perform here and introduce UN1TY's music here," said Maulana Fajri.

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