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Elegant, Dusky Rose Blouse Choice by Margin Wieheerm
Elegant, Dusky Rose Blouse Choice by Margin Wieheerm Margin/ Photo: Instagram @marginw

Dream - Ali Syakieb's wife, Margin Wieheerm, is relatively new to wearing hijab. Her style always attracts the attention of hijabers and becomes an inspiration.

Some time ago, Margin looked beautiful in a dusky rose outfit. This color gives an elegant impression to her appearance.

Margin/ Photo: Instagram @marginw

This classic-cut top has soft pink leaf motifs that give a sweet impression. This mother of one wears a mauve-colored scarf that is styled simply with a single tie at the back of the neck.

This dusky rose top looks so harmonious when paired with white pants and a small taupe-colored bag from the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house. Margin's elegant and sweet appearance can be an inspiration for Dream Friends.

Margin Wieheerm's Portrait, More Charming in Hijab

Dream - Ali Syakieb's wife, Margin Wieheerm, went on an umrah pilgrimage with her family in December 2022. This couple brought their beloved child, little Guzel.

Instagram @marginw

Margin's appearance has changed since their return from the holy land. This mother of one now wears hijab every time she appears in public.

Instagram @marginw

Margin's transformation, which looks more elegant, has received praise from netizens on social media. Every Instagram post by Margin is always flooded with positive comments.

Instagram @marginw

Margin is said to be even more beautiful and elegant. With hijab, this woman of Pakistani descent is praised for highlighting her captivating Middle Eastern facial features.


Instagram @marginw

In response to the positive feedback, netizens also pray for Margin Wieheerm, who is also praised for her radiant aura, to be steadfast in wearing hijab.

Instagram @marginw

Margin's transformation is also praised by fellow artists who leave positive comments on their Instagram. This includes their friend, Lesti Kejora, who is known to have recently gone horseback riding together. These two friends are now more united in wearing hijab.

Instagram @marginw

Margin's transformation is not only seen in her appearance, but she has also undergone a diet to regain her pre-pregnancy body shape. 

(Source: KapanLagi)

Margin Winaya Wears Hijab, Here's Ali Syakieb's Comment

Dream - Margin Winaya Hermawan's appearance during a discussion with several artists has attracted attention. Ali Syakieb's wife looked elegant in hijab.

The 22-year-old woman appeared in an all-black hijab outfit. In a photo uploaded by Tissa Biani, who also participated in the discussion, Margin's charm is not inferior to other artists.

Margin also posted a photo of her appearance on her Instagram page. She showed a close-up of her face. "Zoom," wrote Margin Winaya.

Margin's Post, Ali Syakieb's Wife

Immediately, this mother of one received a response from netizens. They praised her, saying that Margin looked even more beautiful. Ali Syakieb also praised her.

"You look so beautiful," said Ali Syakieb.

"MashaAllah mashaAllah," wrote the account @melodylaksani92.

"MasyaAllah, Mama Agin looks so beautiful," wrote the account @lestykejora.

"You look so beautiful in hijab, your aura is so beautiful, babe," wrote the account @ninarany6.

Before wearing hijab, Margin received attention for playing soccer with the locals.

Dream - Social media was buzzing with a video of Margin Winaya Hermawan, also known as Margin Wieeherm, playing soccer with mothers.

In the video, Ali Syakieb's wife appeared in a black dress and matching black shoes. She looked agile dribbling the ball and running after it with other mothers.

The people around were enthusiastic to watch Margin, the mother of Guzelim Aracelli Ali Syakieb, playing soccer. However, it is unknown in which area this mother of one was playing. But the caption of Margin's video mentioned that she was going back to her hometown.

Margin, Ali Syakieb's Wife

"When an artist returns to their hometown," according to the caption of the video uploaded by the Instagram account @rumpi_gosip, on Friday, August 26, 2022.

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