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Bukber with Bestie, Dinda Hauw Brings a Half Billion Rupiah Bag
Bukber with Bestie, Dinda Hauw Brings a Half Billion Rupiah Bag Dinda Hauw, Lesty, Aurel, and Other Friends/ Photo: Instagram @dindahw/@askar_photography)

Dream - Beautiful actress Dinda Hauw is one of the idols of young hijabis. Rey Mbayang's wife often wears fashionable clothes from various famous brands.

One of the attention-grabbing appearances is when Dinda Hauw gathers with her friends. Lesty Kejora, Aurel Hermansyah, Syifa Hadju, Melody Laksani, Kesha Ratuliu, and several other friends are present.

Instagram @dindahw

They are seen wearing all-black dresses. Dinda Hauw is seen pairing the black dress with a silver satin hijab.

She is seen carrying a black Hermes bag. The black birkin 25 bag made of togo leather looks sturdy and textured.

Instagram @hermes.selebriti

There is a gold turnlock touch with gold hardware and a black clochette. One black birkin 25 bag made of togo leather with gold hardware is priced at 503,750,000 Rupiah. Isn't Dinda Hauw's black and elegant appearance stunning?

Hangout with Aurel Hermansyah, Lesty Kejora Brings a Half Billion Rupiah Black Bag

Dream - Recently, Aurel Hermansyah and Lesty Kejora were seen spending time together. They were seen hanging out at a restaurant in a skyscraper building.

In the photo circulating on social media, Aurel is seen wearing a grey dove checkered blazer. She is wearing white satin pants and a grey scarf that matches her outfit.

Instagram @lestykejora

Beside Aurel, Lesty looks elegant wearing a black dress. The dress is made of shiny satin. This black dress is paired with a beige square scarf that looks sweet.

Next to Lesty, there is a medium-sized black bag that matches her outfit at that time.

This Hermes bag is made of Togo Leather, a strong, good quality, and durable leather.

Instagram @hermes.selebriti

Adorning this bag, below the strap, there is a rectangular silver metal accent. Then, on the edge of the bag, there is a silver padlock-shaped bag accessory that enhances the beauty of this bag.


Lesty Kejora Looks Sweet Wearing a Pink Flamingo Hijab, Turns Out One Scarf is Priced at 8 Million Rupiah

Dream - Many celebrities often use items from famous fashion houses. Various fashion items from head to toe are designed by famous brands with quite fantastic prices.

Like the hijab worn by dangdut singer Lesty Kejora some time ago. In an Instagram post by, the wife of Rizky Billar is seen taking a photo with Zaskia Sungkar's child, Baby Ukkasya. She is seen wearing a white blouse and a beautiful patterned scarf.


This rectangular scarf is made of silk, known for its soft and smooth texture. Designed by Gucci, this scarf used as a hijab has 5 colors.

The outermost color of this scarf is rust. And on the inside, there is a checkered pattern with blue edges that blend with yellow and orange patterns.

In the middle of that pattern, there is a pink flamingo color that becomes the main color of this scarf.

According to the same review, 1 piece of GG Harness Print Silk Scarf is priced at 8,097,376 Rupiah. This bright-colored scarf makes Lesty's appearance stand out, Sahabat Dream.

Photos of Lesty Kejora and Brisia Jodie Wearing Pink Clothes Together, Netizens: Siblings

Dream - Having a beautiful face is often associated with a celebrity. But what if there are several celebrities who have similar faces?

Like Lesty Kejora and Brisia Jodie. These two singers are said to have similar faces. Lesty and Jodie's eyes look similar because they are big. In addition, they both have pointed chins, making them look like siblings.

Not only similar, it turns out Lesty and Jodie have also met and spent time together. Like the photos recently posted on the Instagram account @@brisiajodie96.

instagram @brisiajodie96

Lesty and Jodie are seen wearing hot pink outfits. Both singers have a similar face shape. Their appearances are like twins, the only difference is that Lesty wears a dark grey hijab that matches her pink outfit.

Netizens immediately noticed the resemblance between Lesty and Jodie's faces in this photo.

"Like siblings, really similar," wrote one netizen.
"Especially when Lesty still had her Dora hair, they really looked alike," wrote another netizen.
"They just need to take a cute selfie together, the three of them," commented another netizen.

Feeling Cold on the Bridge, Lesty Kejora Wrapped in a 'Sultan' Blanket

Dream - The collection of French fashion house, Hermes, seems to be trending among Indonesian celebrities. Some use it as a blanket for babies, decoration on sofas, and also as a stylish cold weather protector.

Like what dangdut singer Lesty Kejora did. The mother of one was recently seen with her husband, Rizky Billar, by the side of a bridge. Lesty was wearing a Hermes blanket to keep herself warm. 


The blanket is square-shaped and made of merinos wool and cashmere. Produced in Great Britain, this blanket has a simple combination of two colors, savanna and oat.

The design is very simple. The middle part of the blanket is dominated by the savanna color with the signature H logo of Hermes.  


Each side is adorned with oat-colored trimmings and the H logo in each corner. This 135x170 cm blanket looks soft and comfortable when used. According to the review on Instagram @hermes_selebritii, this Avalon Throw Blanket is priced at Rp19,926,000.

So, dear Dream friends, are you interested in having this luxury blanket worth millions?

Photos of Lesty Kejora Attending a Wedding a Month After Giving Birth, Looking Elegant in a Pink Dress

Dream - Lesty Kejora, who gave birth to her first child on December 26, 2021, has returned to her activities.

In addition to appearing on a television show and showing the face of her baby, Lesty has also started doing other activities.

Instagram @lestykejora

This dangdut singer has already shot music videos and attended a wedding event.

Not alone, the woman from Cianjur, West Java, was seen accompanied by her husband, Rizky Billar.

Curious about photos of Lesty Kejora attending a wedding after giving birth, let's take a look at the series of photos uploaded on the Instagram account @family_leslar23.

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