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Maternity Shoot with Husband, Kesha Ratuliu Looks Elegant in Ruffle Dress
Maternity Shoot with Husband, Kesha Ratuliu Looks Elegant in Ruffle Dress Kesha Ratuliu/ Instagram @kesharatuliu05

Dream - Kesha Ratuliu is currently pregnant with her second child. She seems to be enjoying her pregnancy moments.

Her belly getting bigger doesn't mean that this former child actress can't look fashionable.

Kesha Ratuliu/ Instagram @kesharatuliu05

In her Instagram post, Kesha Ratuliu looks stunning in a pastel and elegant outfit while taking a photo with her husband. She is wearing a lavender grey ruffled dress. The chiffon dress has sweet long lantern sleeves.

Kesha Ratuliu/ Instagram @kesharatuliu05

This dress is filled with beautiful flower patterns that combine dusky rose and lavender mauve colors. To enhance her appearance, Kesha is seen wearing a bow tie around her neck.

5 Stylish & Cool Hijab Looks of Kesha Ratuliu, Young and Stylish Mom

Dream - Kesha Ratuliu is an actress who started her career at the age of two through the film Lupus Milenia. From her impressive acting in the film, Mona Ratuliu's niece immediately received offers for soap operas and TV films (FTV).

Not only that, as a teenager, Kesha also often appeared in several feature films and television commercials.

Although Kesha is currently not active in the film, soap opera, and television commercial industry, you can still find Kesha, who has become a mother, on social media.

Through her Instagram account @kesharatuliu05, you can see her daily activities, from her role as a housewife to her business in the beauty and fashion industry.

These two businesses are Face Mist Saffron by Kesha Ratuliu and, which is a hijab brand.

Trendy Looks of Kesha Ratuliu

Having a hijab business certainly pushes Kesha to always give her best appearance. This is evident from Kesha's OOTD (Outfit of The Day) posts on Instagram, where the 24-year-old woman looks so stylish with simple outfits.

Here are some of her portraits!

Millennial Pink Vibe

This time, her look is dominated by a millennial pink vibe, where the outer tunic is only buttoned at the top, while the inner choice is a long dress with pink floral motifs.

The combination of Kesha's outfit makes her look so fashionable and not excessive, even though the long dress is dominated by large flower motifs.

Music Festival

Kesha looks adorable in a neon green outfit, which is a sleeveless long dress.

Don't worry, as a hijab wearer, Kesha still covers her entire aura by adding a white sleeve for the arms, matching her square hijab.

Pose together with her husband, Adhi Permana, Kesha looks like she's having fun while watching a music festival.

Not afraid of wet grass and rain, Kesha wears light green rubber sandals and a transparent raincoat with black trim that makes her appearance attractive.


Kesha looks stylish in a monochrome ensemble with a combination of a long black dress and a white outer. Sitting while holding Qwenzy, her baby, Kesha manages to give a simple and charming look.


Having the opportunity to vacation in Bali with her small family, Kesha's outfit looks so stylish and represents the 'earth girl' style.

It can be seen where she combines a broken white blouse with wide-legged pants and a beige pashmina. Although simple, her choice still shows her beauty.

Casual Outfits

While enjoying breakfast at a hotel in Bali, Kesha's outfit choice is a brown shirt paired with blue skinny jeans.

Of course, the simple white hijab she wears adds to Kesha's stylish look. Like a young person, don't you agree, Sahabat Dream?



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