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Simple Style of Melody Laksani, Former JKT48 Member, Like a College Student
Simple Style of Melody Laksani, Former JKT48 Member, Like a College Student Melody/ Photo: Instagram @melodylaksani92

Dream - Melody Laksani, former JKT48 member, is a hijabers figure who never misses the fashion trend. Melody always stays up to date in combining her clothes, both in elegant and simple unique styles.

This time, the 1992-born woman looks simple like a college student. She wears a white shirt with graffiti motifs and abstract patterns. The motifs combine navy and black colors.

Instagram @melodylaksani92

The woman from Bandung combines her full-printing top with straight jeans pants, giving a casual impression.

A square hijab in light grey color, styled simply with a knot at the back of the neck, completes the 31-year-old woman's appearance.

Melody carries a black tote bag with a beautiful checkered pattern, adding sweetness to her appearance.

Inspiration of Melody Laksani's Style Combining Hijab and Beret

Dream - Wearing a hijab doesn't mean that you can't explore various accessories on your head. One of them is a combination of a beret on top of a hijab.

If you're confused about what kind of beret to choose, the beret worn by singer Melody Laksani can be an inspiration.

Instagram @melodylaksani92

Melody combines a square black hijab scarf, styled simply with a knot at the neck. This black hijab is combined with a black beret that matches the hijab.

The beret has a tweed motif with touches of white and black threads. In the middle of the beret, there are neatly arranged artificial diamond accessories that enhance the appearance of this woman from Bandung.

Instagram @melodylaksani92

This black hijab and beret are combined with an emerald green fur jacket covered with white goose feather coat. The top is also combined with simple straight pants and white sneakers.

Melody Prima Builds Her Third House, See the Luxurious Design

Dream - Melody is grateful to start 2023 with kindness by building her dream house.

Melody Prima

Photo: @melodyprima

"Masyaallah Tabarakallah. My 3rd house for my early birthday GIFT🥳. Alhamdulillah. A good start to the year," Melody Prima wrote on her Instagram account.

In addition, Melody also showed the design of the house that is currently under construction. Melody also uploaded a photo of the appearance of the house that will be built.

From the design shown, Melody's house has a luxurious design. It consists of two floors and looks spacious.

Melody Prima's New House Design

Photo: @melodyprima

The house is dominated by white color with several elongated box-shaped windows. There is also a beautiful garage area and balcony on the second floor.

"For those who are curious about the design, it's on the last slide, what do you think? Hehe," she said.

Melody's post was flooded with praise and prayers from netizens. They hope that the construction process of Melody's third house goes smoothly.

"MasyaAllah Tabarakallah, I like it," wrote @ninaseptiani.

"Bismillah, I hope everything goes smoothly, my dear! I'm so proud! I know the struggle of saving money for these dreams," wrote @lidyapraditta.

"May the construction of your house go smoothly, sis😇❤️ Ameen," wrote @a.ayuannisa.

OOTD Mix-and-Match Black Outfit of FTV Actress Melody Prima, Never Fails to Make a Stylish Appearance

Dream - Black is one of the neutral colors favored by women in their appearance. When wearing black outfits, there's no need to think too much because the result always looks sweet. 

Model and FTV actress Melody Prima is one of the actresses who has proven it. The 27-year-old actress has been captured several times wearing black outfits in various appearances.

Melody's fashion style with her black outfits always succeeds in making her appearance pleasing to the eye. From casual style to glamorous style, Melody chooses black clothes.

Melody Prima's clothing choices can be your reference in dressing up. This actress is quite active in sharing her OOTD on social media.

Here are Melody Prima's OOTD when mixing and matching black outfits in various activities.


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