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Exciting Rundown of Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023 Event Today, Psst There's Kahitna and Souljah!
Exciting Rundown of Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023 Event Today, Psst There's Kahitna and Souljah! Kapanlagi Buka Bareng (KLBB) day two is no less exciting (Photo: KLY)

Dream - Don't miss out on the excitement of the first day of Kapanlagi Buka Bareng (KLBB) 2023? Don't be sad, you can still experience the excitement of breaking the fast while watching your idols on the second day of KLBB held today (Sunday, April 2, 2023).

Just as exciting as the first day, this event is even more festive because it presents various shows ranging from talk shows, sermons, and of course the performances of your idol bands.

Just like the first day, Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023, which is held at Pulau Satu Senayan Pak, Central Jakarta, will also open its gate from 15.00-21.00 WIB.

After being entertained by F1RTS, UN1TY, Fajar Sadboy feat JC SQUAD, and Guyon Waton yesterday, this time Kapanlagi Buka Bareng presents a more diverse lineup of guest stars.

No need to worry about getting hungry while enjoying the excitement of this signature event from Kapanlagi Youniverse. You can also visit 15 culinary tenants that serve the Ramadhan Ngabuburit Festival to accompany your iftar.


Instead of getting more curious about what you can witness at the event supported by Mie Sedaap, ISOPLUS, Mitsubishi, ESEMAG, and Bank Rakyat Indonesia, let's take a look at the rundown and lineup of performances from Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023 today:

Sunday, April 2, 2023

15.00-21.00: Open Gate
16.00-17.00: Launching & Press Conference ISOPLUS COCO
17.00-18.00: Fit & Fun Excellent Cardio with CANTIKA FELDER
18.00-19.00: Maghrib Silaturahmi Gathering with HABIB HUSEIN JA'FAR
19.00-20.00: Live Performance by OOMLEO feat. ALDI TAHER
20.00-21.00: Live Performance by SOULJAH
21.00-22.00: Live Performance by KAHITNA

Kapanlagi Buka Bareng 2023

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