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Increasing Trend in Sales of Muslim Family Clothing, Check Out 'Ramadan in Style' Inspiration!
Increasing Trend in Sales of Muslim Family Clothing, Check Out 'Ramadan in Style' Inspiration! (c) Tokopedia

Ramadan always brings its own euphoria because various agendas emerge to enjoy this special moment. This also affects the consumption patterns of the society, including clothing. Activities such as iftar and Eid gatherings make people shop for clothes more.

This is proven by data from the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, which states that the performance of the Textile and Processing Industry (TPT) in 2022 has shown good results. In addition, data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) also shows that clothing consumption has sharply increased during the Ramadan quarter.

Demand Increases by 30% Compared to 2021

Other data from the Indonesian Textile Association (API) also states that the demand for the textile industry has increased by up to 30% compared to 2021.

"At Tokopedia, during Ramadan 2022, Fashion (including Muslim Fashion) became one of the most sought-after categories and had the highest number of transactions," said Aldhy Darmayo, Category Development Senior Lead at Tokopedia.

Increased Trend in Early Ramadan 2023 Shopping

A positive increase is also seen in the early days of Ramadan 2023. The trend of selling Muslim fashion on Tokopedia has shown rapid growth.

"Fashion, including Muslim Fashion, is one of the most sought-after categories during the early days of Ramadan 2023. This trend is similar to last year," explained Aldhy.

In addition, several Muslim fashion products have also experienced a significant increase in transactions on Tokopedia. "Muslim blouses have doubled, gamis and kaftans have increased 2.5 times each, baju koko has increased 3.5 times, and Muslim family clothing has increased 4 times," added Aldhy.

This is not separate from the Hyperlocal initiative and its various manifestations such as Dilayani Tokopedia. "We have seen the highest increase in the number of sellers of Muslim fashion products during the early days of Ramadan 2023 in Tasikmalaya (West Java), Bandung (West Java), Cirebon (West Java), Surakarta (Central Java), and Surabaya (East Java) with an average increase of almost 1.5 times," said Aldhy.

This momentum is utilized by local female and male Muslim fashion entrepreneurs. For example, Ria Miranda, Fatih Indonesia, ZM Zaskia Mecca, and many more.

Inspired by Minang Culture, Ria Miranda's Sales Increase by 127%

Increasing Trend in Sales of Muslim Family Clothing, Check Out 'Ramadan in Style' Inspiration!

When it comes to modest fashion brands, Ria Miranda is certainly well-known. The brand, established in 2009, is inspired by the feminine, elegant, and pastel-loving dressing style of the owner's mother. "In addition, Ria is also inspired by Minang culture such as songket, Padang cuisine spices, and the architecture of the rumah gadang," explained Yaya Wulandari, Chief Commercial Officer of Ria Miranda.

"Since joining Tokopedia in 2018, Ria Miranda's business has grown and become more well-known. In the early months of 2023, Ria Miranda's sales on Tokopedia increased by around 127% compared to the same period in 2022," said Yaya. Ria Miranda now even empowers nearly 200 employees.

During the Tokopedia Ramadan in Style 2023 event, Ria Miranda launched the exclusive collection 'Sangsata'. The collection features modern floral-patterned songket motifs. It includes dresses, tunics, prayer garments, tops, scarves, and family collections available on Tokopedia.

Inspirational Story: From Being an Intern Sewer to Creating Job Opportunities for Sewers!

Increasing Trend in Sales of Muslim Family Clothing, Check Out 'Ramadan in Style' Inspiration!

An interesting story comes from Fatih Indonesia, founded by Fahmi Hendrawan in 2015. This brand offers men's Muslim clothing with Indonesian batik elements. "The name Fatih Indonesia is taken from the Al-Fatihah verse, which means the opener. I hope this business can be the opener of my and my employees' sustenance and also open up Indonesia's identity in the global fashion scene," said Fahmi.

"Fatih Indonesia joined Tokopedia in 2021. Currently, almost 40% of Fatih Indonesia's sales come from Tokopedia," explained Fahmi. Fahmi, who used to intern as a tailor in the past, has now empowered around 30 employees, including batik artisan sewers in Garut, Tasikmalaya, Solo, and Bengkulu, through the business he built.

During the Tokopedia Ramadan in Style 2023 event, Fatih Indonesia will launch the exclusive collection 'Harmonia' featuring earth tone colors and batik motifs from Tasikmalaya. The collection will be launched on April 3, 2023, through Tokopedia.

ZM Zaskia Mecca Empowers More Than 2,000 Workers

Increasing Trend in Sales of Muslim Family Clothing, Check Out 'Ramadan in Style' Inspiration!

ZM Zaskia Mecca has successfully empowered more than 2,000 workers in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Bandung, Pekalongan, and Jepara. "We choose to work with local sewers because they better understand the richness of Indonesia and we also want to support the local economy," explained Muhammad Haykal Kamil, CEO and Founder of ZM Zaskia Mecca.

"ZM Zaskia Mecca joined Tokopedia in 2017. We have been greatly assisted by Tokopedia's campaigns and features. Our exposure and sales have increased. We can even receive thousands of orders and billions of revenue during Ramadan through Tokopedia," revealed Haykal.

During the Tokopedia Ramadan in Style 2023 event, ZM Zaskia Mecca will launch the 'Romansa Khatulistiwa' collection in Melati edition. The white jasmine flower represents purity that harmonizes with Ramadan. This collection will be exclusively available on Tokopedia starting from April 3, 2023, and includes blouses, dresses, tunics, and scarves.

Bringing Fashion Inspiration Through Tokopedia Ramadan in Style

With the increasing demand for fashion products, especially Muslim fashion, Tokopedia collaborates with various strategic partners, including local Muslim fashion entrepreneurs, to present the Ramadan in Style campaign until April 18, 2023.

Through this attractive promotion, you can efficiently get various choices of local Muslim clothing products with discounts of up to 99%, flash sales starting from Rp1,000, and cashback up to Rp300,000. Tokopedia Ramadan in Style also collaborates with Rumah Zakat to encourage people to donate food packages for the underprivileged, orphans, and widows.

Not only through campaigns like Ramadan in Style, but Tokopedia will also continue to support businesses in Indonesia. One of them is through the Joint Business Plan program with Tokopedia.

"This program provides many benefits, such as business planning that suits the needs of each business, priority access to Tokopedia Marketing Solutions marketing channels, exposure across various Tokopedia channels, regular business reviews, and business insights from the Tokopedia team to advance the business," explained Aldhy.

Disclaimer: This translation from Bahasa Indonesia to English has been generated by Artificial Intelligence.
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