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Look Different, Check Out Bunga Citra Lestari's Preppy Look
Look Different, Check Out Bunga Citra Lestari's Preppy Look Bunga Citra Lestari/ Photo: Instagram @bclsinclair

Dream - Bunga Citra Lestari always attracts attention, both when appearing in public and through photos posted on her social media.

Various styles have been worn by this celebrity, who is familiarly known as BCL. Feminine, boyish, edgy, and elegant styles have all been worn by her.

Recently, BCL appeared stylish with a 'Preppy Look'. She wore an Irish blue shirt paired with a black tie.

Bunga Citra Lestari/ Photo: Instagram @bclsinclair

The Irish blue shirt is layered with a patterned tweed blazer that combines black and white colors. The blazer has cobalt blue accents that catch the eye.

Dark brown pants and a black mini bag from Gucci complete BCL's look.

Bunga Citra Lestari/ Photo: Instagram @bclsinclair

To complete her preppy look, the singer of 'Cinta Pertama' wore cobalt blue-framed glasses that looked sweet.

Fresh Look of Bunga Citra Lestari Wearing Jeans Like a Teenager

Dream - Being a widow doesn't make Bunga Citra Lestari lose her charm. On the contrary, the artist, known as BCL, always attracts attention both when appearing in public and through photos posted on her social media.

BCL has long been known as one of the artists who has a beautiful face. The blessing from the Almighty is even more perfect because BCL has a golden voice and impeccable fashion sense. The 39-year-old woman often showcases her fashion expertise.

Usually appearing glamorous, the woman who is familiarly called BCL this time appeared in a simple yet classy outfit. 

Like her appearance some time ago when the singer of 'Kecewa' was seen wearing a white long-sleeved shirt. The shirt, made with brocade, has golden-colored collar and buttons.

Instagram @bclfashionstyle

According to the review on Instagram @bclfashionstyle, the 'Floral Lace Shirt' from Louis Vuitton is priced at 1,900 euros or around IDR 35.6 million.

Bunga paired her white shirt with long jeans. The jeans have a belt loop fringe detail made of leather and an LV logo patch on one side of the pants. The 'Jeans Frayed Hem Monograms Patch Jeans' is priced at 1,190 euros or around IDR 22.2 million. 

Not forgetting, she wore black heeled boots to perfect her appearance. Bunga was also seen carrying a black handbag with white polka dot accents.

(Report: Meisya Harsa Dwipuspita)

Bunga Citra Lestari's Eccentric Style Wearing Green Neon Glasses, Similar to Billie Eilish

Dream - Bunga Citra Lestari never fails to impress with her interesting fashion items. The singer of '12 Tahun Terindah' often appears in trendy outfits and unique accessories that enhance her appearance.

Recently, the woman who is often called Unge was seen wearing a green outfit. Not only her clothes, but the glasses she wore were also neon green.

Instagram @bclfashionstyle

The rectangular glasses have a black-colored middle part. The frame of the glasses attracts attention with abstract accents that combine neon green with a touch of yellow.

As reported from Instagram @bclfashionstyle, these Women's Green Rectangle Pearlescent Acetate Sunglasses are designed by the famous fashion house Gucci. The price for one pair of these glasses is around 260 euros or IDR 4,287,000.

These glasses have also been worn by Billie Eilish. The singer of 'Bad Guy' also appeared in a neon green outfit, matching her unique ombre hair.

So, Dream friends, are you interested in having glasses with vibrant colors like BCL and Billie?

Wearing Traditional Dress, Bunga Citra Lestari's Ethnic Jewelry Attracts Attention

Dream - Success with the film Habibie Ainun adds to Bunga Citra Lestari's popularity in the entertainment world. Her name is increasingly heard by the public because of her singing and acting skills.

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This beautiful singer is also known for her love of beautiful and unique accessories at fantastic prices. Through her Instagram account @bclfashionstyle, there is a graceful photo of BCL wearing earrings with a typical Indonesian ethnic style.

Instagram @bclfashionstyle

“@bclsinclair wore "Wanita dan Asa - Medium Brooch with Rose Quartz Gold Dip" from @tuloladesigns Price: 9,490,000 IDR. "Blue Sunshine Subeng With Amazonite Gold Dip" from @tuloladesigns Price: 7,490,000. Source: shoptulola official website”

Wearing a kebaya with a bun hairstyle adds to BCL's beauty as an Indonesian woman. The ethnic-style accessories further enhance her appearance at that time. The gold-colored earrings with a round light blue decoration in the middle look elegant and fashionable even when wearing traditional Indonesian clothing.

The local brand Tulola Design earrings have a quite fantastic price for a pair of earrings. As known from the Tulola website, the earrings are priced at 9.4 million IDR. Not only earrings, she also wore a pin as a decoration for her shawl from the same brand. The pin with a flower-like design in gold is priced at 7.4 million.

As a public figure known to almost all Indonesian people, she is seen as a role model by many. Despite being a mother of one child, BCL remains a role model for every woman, especially in her always stylish fashion.

Report: Abinsha Nurmaulida

Classy, Bunga Citra Lestari's Stacked Diamond Bracelet Style

Dream - Bunga Citra Lestari often looks beautiful and stylish on every occasion. This top Indonesian artist also loves collecting accessories and jewelry.

From the various accessories she wears, BCL always uses them according to her character and in an unusual style.

instagram @bclfashionstyle

Like in the photo posted on @bclfashionstyle. In the photo, BCL is seen wearing beautiful stacked bracelets.

The gold and black bracelets look very luxurious when she wears them with matching makeup and clothes. The unique-shaped bracelet turns out to be a collection from the famous French fashion house, Louis Vuitton (LV).

The LV brand is known for its luxurious collection of items that are often used by top world artists. Starting from clothes, bags, shoes, watches, to bracelet accessories worn by BCL are products from the LV brand.


Hundreds of Millions in Total

Used in a stacked style, it turns out that the price is sky-high. The bracelet is known to be worth $3,040 or IDR 43.7 million for one bracelet.

Not only wearing one, BCL also wears a bracelet with a similar shape but with different details. One of the bracelets has small luxurious diamond decorations. This model has a much higher price than the other bracelets, which is HK$106,000 or equivalent to IDR 196 million.

Are you also interested in wearing stacked bracelets like BCL?

Report: Abinsha Nurmaulida

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