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Retro Style Melly Goeslaw, Combine Bucket Hat and Blazer
Retro Style Melly Goeslaw, Combine Bucket Hat and Blazer Melly Goeslaw/ Photo: Instagram @melly_goeslaw

Dream - Recently, singer Melly Goeslaw appeared different and stylish in retro-themed clothing with her husband, Anto Hoed. A photo of her in a retro outfit was uploaded on her Instagram @melly_goeslaw.

The 'Gantung' singer wore a white shirt with a collar accent covered with a dark brown blazer with small checkered motifs. The choice of blazer cutting also has a retro nuance.

Melly and Anto/ Instagram @melly_goeslaw

This blazer is paired with a dark caramel-colored skirt and black socks with red accents. She then wore mule sandals with mini high heels in dark brown color that perfectly matched her overall appearance.

The black spandex scarf is styled simply with a touch of Christian Dior bucket hat. This dark brown bucket hat has an abstract motif that combines beige, taupe, and dark chocolate colors. Isn't Melly's appearance exciting?

Melly Goeslaw Appears More Fierce and Glam with MUA Slam Wiyono's Makeup Results

Dream - Since undergoing a diet and body treatment to achieve her ideal weight, Melly Goeslaw's appearance has looked different. Anto Hoed's wife looks more glowing and fierce in several photos posted on her social media account. 

The change in appearance became more apparent when the 48-year-old singer uploaded the results of Makeup Artist (MUA) Slam Wiyono's makeup on her face. In addition to her slimmer cheeks, Melly's teeth also appeared to have changed.

Slam Wiyono's makeup played a lot on the eye area of the musician who always successfully produced famous Indonesian film soundtracks.

Melly's eyes looked rounder after being made up with smokey-style brown eyeshadow, wearing false eyelashes, eyeliner, bright-colored contact lenses, and thick eyebrows.

Makeup Slam Wiyono on Melly Goeslaw's Face

Photo: Instagram @melly_goeslaw

Slam also emphasized Melly's facial shape with contouring, highlighting, and faint pink blush. In the photo, the lips of the singer of 'Ternyata' looked fuller. Moreover, her lips were made up with ombre style and added highlights in the middle.

Although her appearance has changed slightly, netizens and fellow artists filled the comments section of the post with praise.

"Masya Allah, even more beautiful sis," said @albyaa_suroya.

"Masyaa Allah, tabarakallah, even more beautiful sis Melly, she really looks like Kim Kardashian....," praised @elin.sofiani.1.

"So beautiful sis Melly, MasyaAllah," said @desikarunia165.

"Wow... sis, so beautiful," wrote @rinniee27_.

Two Months After Bariatric Surgery, Melly Goeslaw's Appearance Flooded with Praise

Dream - After undergoing bariatric surgery two months ago, Melly Goeslaw's appearance has changed. The petite singer now looks slimmer after successfully losing 18 kilograms of weight.

Alhamdulillah... today marks 2 months after Bariatric. It means I have been living a healthy life for 2 months, a habit that is very different from my previous life," wrote Melly Goeslaw on Instagram.

In addition to losing weight after the surgery, Melly feels that her life is much healthier. One of them is no longer snoring during sleep.

My blood sugar has been normal until now. From almost 86 kilograms, now almost 70 kilograms. And it will continue to decrease with this healthy lifestyle. I sleep faster and no longer snore, wake up refreshed. Alhamdulillah..." she said.


Anto Hoed's wife expressed her gratitude to Tompi, who had suggested undergoing bariatric surgery.

Thank you bro @dr_tompi for suggesting bariatric, thank you also to Dr @dr_artiindira for diligently monitoring the vitamins and nutrients I consume. Thank you always to the doctor who operated on me, Dr @petersurgery @rspondokindah," she said.

This post was immediately flooded with comments from fellow artists, many of whom praised Melly's appearance.

Masya Allah, sis looks even healthier," said Tantri Syalindri.

So cool," said Cut Keke.

Alhamdulillah... You look healthy, my dear, even more beautiful," said Reza Artamevia.

Alhamdulillah... Stay healthy, my dear Mewiwkuh 💞 and even more beautiful, my love," added Vina Panduwinata.


Anto Hoed's wife underwent bariatric surgery because her body weight had not reached the ideal stage despite her efforts to do so naturally through a diet process.

"Alhamdulillah, thanks to the permission and blessings of Allah SWT, and of course the prayers from all friends, my bariatric surgery went smoothly," Melly Goeslaw said on Instagram.

Before deciding to undergo bariatric surgery, Melly had managed to lose 25 kilograms of weight. However, her current weight is still considered not ideal and tends to be in the obese category. 

melly goeslaw

"That's why I took this Bariatric step because after the diet program and losing more than 25 kilograms. I'm still obese, 35 kilograms," she said.

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