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Wearing Marble Motif Dress, Nikita Willy's Appearance is So Enchanting
Wearing Marble Motif Dress, Nikita Willy's Appearance is So Enchanting Nikita Willy/ Photo: Instagram @nikitawillyofficial94

Dream - The name Nikita Willy is no stranger in the Indonesian entertainment world. The beautiful actress who has been appearing on television and in movies since the 2000s is often the center of attention because of her enchanting style.

Nikita Willy/ Photo: Instagram @nikitawillyofficial94

Not always with expensive clothes, extra patterns, or famous fashion house releases. Nikita Willy's elegance also shines through in simple outfits.

Like her appearance some time ago wearing a light grey dress with a touch of dark grey marble pattern.

Nikita Willy/ Photo: Instagram @nikitawillyofficial94

This soft marble pattern fills the entire dress. There is a touch of navy fabric with white dots on the waist. This fabric becomes a belt in the appearance of this Minang descendant woman.

There is also a navy accent with white dots adorning the wrists of the dress worn by this 28-year-old woman. To complete her appearance, Niki wears elegant black high heels with a touch of fur.

4 Stylish Outfit Combinations of Nikita Willy When Carrying Her Child

Dream - Nikita Willy's figure seems more mature after giving birth to her first child, Issa Xander Djokosoetono. She has been trying to learn a lot and be in sync with her husband, Indra Priawan Djokosoetono, in taking care of their child.

Since becoming a mother, the style of the 'From London To Bali' player has changed a bit, but still looks stylish. Her appearance while taking care of Issa often receives praise from fans and netizens.

Niki tries to wear comfortable yet stylish outfits. What is Nikita's stylish look while taking care of her little one? Let's take a look, who knows it can be an inspiration.


1. Casual Style

Nikita Willy and Baby Issa

Photo: Instagram @nikitawillyofficial94

Despite recently giving birth, the 28-year-old film actress still looks stylish with a casual combination. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt, black sunglasses, cream pants, and sneakers.

Her appearance is attractive and classy while carrying Baby Issa, who is dressed in matching clothes.

2. Smart Casual Style

Nikita Willy and Baby Issa

Photo: Instagram @nikitawillyofficial94

This time, the 'Si Cecep' soap opera player appears slightly more formal with a light blue blazer, black sunglasses, and a black inner.

Her appearance is in line with her husband who is wearing a T-shirt and black sunglasses. The color of her blazer is also in line with the clothes worn by Baby Issa.

3. Monochrome Style

Nikita Willy and Baby Issa

Photo: Instagram @nikitawillyofficial94

Nikita appears more sporty and casual with a white coat and inner, as well as black pants. Baby Issa also wears a coat and black pants. At a glance, the mother and child look like models when posing in front of a mirror.

4. Feminine Style

Nikita Willy and Baby Issa

Photo: Instagram @nikitawillyofficial94

Occasionally, the 'Bulan dan Bintang' soap opera player appears feminine and sweet like in this picture. She wears a green dress with wavy hair and prominent eye makeup.

Meanwhile, Baby Issa wears a colorful white dress with plant and sea animal motifs. The combination they wear is very suitable for playing on the beach.

After seeing Nikita's four styles with Baby Issa, which combination do you find the most interesting, according to Dream Friends?

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