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Compact Style of Aurel Hermansyah and Krisdayanti Wearing One-Tone Outfit, like Besties
Compact Style of Aurel Hermansyah and Krisdayanti Wearing One-Tone Outfit, like Besties Aurel and Krisdayanti (Photo: @aurelie.hermansyah)

Dream - Aurel Hermansyah and her mother, Krisdayanti, appear compactly posing together wearing light blue outfits.

While glancing at Krisdayanti, whom she calls Mimi, Aurel wears a baby blue crop dress with white brocade accents on her shoulders.

Aurel and Krisdayanti (Photo: @aurelie.hermansyah)

It appears that Atta Halilintar's wife combines the baby doll top with sweet light grey pleated pants.

The oat distyling scarf matches nicely with the baby blue top worn by this mother of one.

In harmony with Aurel, Krisdayanti, who is familiarly called KD, wears a soft irish blue blouse. This bishop-sleeved blouse is paired with light blue jeans, making KD appear younger. Their appearance together is like besties, Dream friends.

Krisdayanti's Luxurious Look Wearing Moroccan Blue Batik While Carrying a Bag

Dream - Krisdayanti often wears batik in her daily life. The woman who serves as a member of the DPR for the 2019-2024 period seems accustomed to wearing batik when on duty, which affects her daily appearance.

Like her appearance some time ago, this grandmother of one grandchild wore a batik dress in Moroccan blue and white. The simple batik with wide sleeves and a neat zigzag pattern supports the appearance of this woman, who is familiarly called KD.

Instagram @hermes.selebritii

KD combines her batik with a peplum skirt and blue high heels. Adding neutral colors to her appearance, KD carries a medium-sized brown bag. This kelly bag made of epsom leather looks luxurious.

The Kelly 25 bag strap also appears to be made of the same leather. In the middle of the bag, there is a gold lock purse that makes this brown bag even more luxurious. According to Instagram @hermes.selebritii, this Kelly 25 Sellier bag is priced at US$25,500 or equivalent to IDR 385 million.

Krisdayanti Elegant in Hijab, Even More Glamorous with a Luxury Bag Worth IDR 174 Million

Dream - Despite being almost half a century old, Krisdayanti's fashion style remains fashionable and eye-catching.

As a singer who is now involved in politics, Krisdayanti was caught on camera wearing a hijab. The mother of Aurel Hermansyah looked elegant wearing a red dress with gold accents.

One of Indonesia's divas wore a dress with a bold color that was combined with a lace shawl in bone white.

Instagram @hermes.selebritii

The shawl was worn on the head like a hijab, with a hairstyle that was slightly shown at the front.

Krisdayanti is seen placing a medium-sized bag next to her. This champagne-colored midi sling bag has a minimalist design. Made of nata clemence leather, this bag appears to have soft and flowing leather.

On the bag cover, there is a touch of a gold button that blends perfectly with the champagne color.

According to Instagram @hermes.selebritii, the Hermes Lindy 26 Nata Taurillon Clemence Leather With Gold Hardware is priced at US$12,000 or nearly IDR 174 million.

In addition to her own appearance, KD is a mother who always pays attention to the appearance of her husband and children. This can be seen when KD prepared clothes to celebrate Eid al-Fitr some time ago.

At that time, Krisdayanti prepared Eid al-Fitr clothes designed by famous designer Sari Batubara. KD has had Sari Batubara design her clothes twice.

"This is more special because Sari knows the whole family well." Krisdayanti said, as quoted by Dream from YouTube Intens Investigasi, recently.

KD with Kellen and Amora

Photo: YouTube Intens Investigasi

"There are nine outfits for Krisdayanti's whole family," said fashion designer Sari Batubara, who designed 9 sets of clothes for the family of Raul Lemos' wife.

Krisdayanti Carries Baby Ameena While Singing, Netizens Anxiously Fearful

Dream - Krisdayanti carries her first grandchild, Ameena Hanna Nur Atta, while singing a song for Aurel Hermansyah's daughter. In her Instagram post, Ameena is calm while listening to her grandmother singing by the poolside.

The woman with the stage name KD occasionally smiles and directs the camera towards her granddaughter's face. Ameena's appearance while being carried by KD looks adorable with a red headband.

No caption was written by Raul Lemos' wife. Nevertheless, KD's post received many comments from netizens after being reposted by the gossip account @rumpi_gosip.

Krisdayanti carries Ameena

Netizens were afraid that Ameena and KD would fall into the pool because they were standing by the poolside.

"I'm scared they will fall in," said the account @dias.ra.

"Why am I scared that they will slip and fall into the pool... KD, be careful," wrote the account @nau1498.

Many also found Ameena's face adorable as she listened to her grandmother's singing voice.

"MashaAllah, Ameena really enjoys listening to her grandmother's voice," wrote the account @lholha_sari.

"So cute, it's like carrying a doll," wrote the account @syakila3053.

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