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Comfortable and Stylish Kaftan for Pregnant Women, See Kesha Ratuliu's Style
Comfortable and Stylish Kaftan for Pregnant Women, See Kesha Ratuliu's Style Kesha Ratuliu/ Photo: Instagram @kesharatuliu05

Dream - Kesha Ratuliu is currently enjoying her second pregnancy. A growing belly doesn't mean she can't look stylish.

In her Instagram post @kesharatuliu05, Mona Ratuliu's niece looks elegant in a pastel outfit while taking a photo with her small family. Kesha wears a pastel pink mauve kaftan.

Kesha Ratuliu/ Photo: Instagram @kesharatuliu05

This long-sleeved dress with a unique waist is not made of chiffon like typical kaftans. The Armani Border fabric, which appears textured and has a satin-like sheen, gives a more elegant look.

There is a touch of batik on the wrists. The pink mauve kaftan is paired with a long square pashmina in a matching color. Kesha chose satin fabric to highlight a more formal impression in her appearance.

Tips for a Clean Look Hijab Style ala Kesha Ratuliu

Dream - Clean look hijab is one of the popular styles among hijabis. This style can create a neat appearance.

This hijab style is also suitable to be paired with formal or casual outfits. Clean look hijab is very versatile and can be worn by anyone.

One of the hijab actresses who often wears a clean look hijab is Kesha Ratuliu, who prefers to use a square hijab.

In a short video on her Instagram account, Kesha shares how to wear a square hijab with a clean look:

Kesha usually adds earrings as an accessory. As a first step, Kesha wears an underscarf and adds earrings on both sides of her ears. Make sure the earrings are big enough to be visible when wearing the hijab.


After that, fold the square hijab into a triangle and place it on top of the head.

When wearing the hijab, Kesha also ensures that the hijab is neatly arranged to form her head shape.

Kesha then takes one side of the hijab to tuck it behind her earring and finds it at the bottom of her chin, securing it with a safety pin.

As for the two sides in the front, simply cross them slowly and bring them to the back to be tied together inside the back of the hijab.

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