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Check out the Exciting Contemporary Art Style Shoe Design
Check out the Exciting Contemporary Art Style Shoe Design Wuling Motors

Dream - Shoes are considered a statement by some people in their appearance. Sneaker enthusiasts in Indonesia are quite high.

This has led to many local artists creating sneakers. One of them is Adriel Reyhan, who is a graphic designer at Urban Sneaker Society (USS).

Adriel created sneakers inspired by cars. Wuling Alvez inspired the Urban Sneaker Society (USS) community to create a pair of shoes that were showcased at the Media Iftar Gathering event held at Yougwa Danau Sentani, Senayan Park, on March 30, 2023.

"In line with the spirit of 'Style and Innovation in One SUV' carried by Alvez, Urban Sneaker Society also pours its style and innovation by applying five Alvez colorways to a pair of shoes," said Brand and Marketing Director of Wuling Motors, Dian Asmahani, Jakarta, March 30, 2023.

Adriel brings contemporary art with a touch of street style to the shoes he designs. The old gray nuance is taken from the Tungsten Steel Grey variant applied to the heel tab and back heel.

Then, the light gray representing the Aurora Silver accent colors the middle part of the shoe. The choice of red color on the Swoosh is also influenced by the Carnelian Red color. Some parts of the shoe are also given a white nuance and white shoelaces symbolizing Pristine White.

In the middle sole area, there is the USS logo and the Alvez writing in a street style. The Wuling logo is also embedded in the image on the back of the shoe, symbolizing the collaboration between Wuling and USS.

"This collaboration is very interesting to me because Alvez, which was launched by Wuling last month, has an attractive exterior that inspired me to incorporate it into a shoe creation," said Adriel.


Wuling Alvez is a Compact SUV supported by dynamic dual-tone color features, the use of LED DRL and adjustable LED on the headlights, and LED taillights, bold front grille design, and cutting-edge 16" wheels. It has an electric sunroof and uses premium materials.

Although compact, this SUV can accommodate up to five passengers and has a spacious luggage capacity.



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