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Wearing Indian Sari, Kartika Putri Appears in Syar'i Version
Wearing Indian Sari, Kartika Putri Appears in Syar'i Version Kartika Putri. (Source: Instagram @kartikaputriworld)

Dream - Many hijab-wearing women feel limited in choosing clothing. However, there are plenty of modest clothes that can be combined to look more attractive.

Kartika Putri proved this when she wore Indian clothing. She looked beautiful in an Indian sari with luxurious details.

Unlike the usual tight upper part of the sari, Kartika made it in a covered and loose version. She made the inner part like a tunic and then layered it with a transparent fabric adorned with luxurious beads.

Kartika Putri

Photo: Kartika Putri/Instagram @kartikaputriworld

For her hijab, she chose a dark blue scarf with a black inner. She looked more like an Indian woman with the dangling adornments on her head.

"MasyaALLAH tabarakALLAH.. Wearing hijab doesn't hinder us from being creative, but we should still not exceed the limits and follow Islamic sharia and manners," she expressed in her Instagram post @kartikaputriworld.

Her Indian-like appearance received praise from netizens. The all-blue combination contrasts with her fair skin.

"MasyaAllah, an Indian Muslimah," said @reglow.healthyskincare.

"Masha Allah tabarokallah, you look so beautiful, Mama Khalisa," said @teh_nciiiiiii.

"Kajol(x) Kartika(v)," commented @weniween_.

"Masyaallah kak karput, you look so beautiful," praised @dwislaluceria.

Kartika Putri's Aura Shines in Second Pregnancy, See the Photos

Dream - Kartika Putri is awaiting the birth of her second child. She is currently 8 months pregnant.

Her belly is getting bigger. Not wanting to miss this special moment, she created a special photo session for her second pregnancy.

Through her Instagram account, Habib Usman Yahya's wife showed several snapshots of her maternity shoot by Rio Motret. Kartika seems to be enjoying her second pregnancy.

Her face is glowing. With a warm and floral-themed photo, she looks very happy. Just take a look at some of her photos. It might be an inspiration for Dream Friends who also want to have a maternity shoot.

Sweet with her husband and first child

Kartika Putri

The intimacy of this couple makes many people jealous. They seem to pamper the pregnant wife so much. Just look at their warmth in this beautiful photo.

Kartika Putri

Not to be missed, Khalisa also posed. The dress worn by the beautiful child has the same color as her mother's. This small family looks very happy and can't wait to welcome the new member.


Glowing with Floral Nuances


Kartika also took her own photo session. Wearing a floral dress in a garden, she looks so beautiful. The mustard-colored hijab makes her appearance so elegant.

Kartika Putri

Her pregnancy this time seems to make Kartika's aura shine more. Do you agree, Dream Friends?

Daily Busyness Video of Zaskia Sungkar's Son Makes Netizens Feel Inferior

Dream - Currently trending on social media is the "A Day in My Life" video. This video shows the daily activities of someone at school, college, work, or other routine activities. Ukkasya, Zaskia Sungkar and Irwansyah's son, also joined this trend.

Through his Instagram account  @ukkasyahki, Ukkasya's daily life is shown, which is very adorable. Starting with waking up in the morning around 07.00, then Ukkasya has breakfast in his high chair in a relaxed manner.

Ukkasya breakfast

On that day, it turns out that Ukkasya has many "jobs" with his mother. After breakfast and getting ready, Ukkasya had a photo shoot session for a product at their home.


Playing While Making an Ad

Next, the one-year-old child played on top of a car. Not only playing, there is also a team recording Ukkasya's activities to make a promotional video for a product.


At around 11.30 AM, Ukkasya took a nap accompanied by Zaskia, because he is still breastfeeding. They then went into the room.


Advertisement Video

It didn't stop there, after waking up around 3 PM, they continued shooting the commercial. Ukkasya and Zaskia were seen wearing the same outfit.


At around 5.30 PM, Ukkasya was already at home. Next, he prepared to read books and play with his mother.


Netizens Feel Inferior

The video has sparked many comments from netizens. Some feel inferior due to Ukkasya's busy schedule that generates income.

"Ukkasya is busier making money, I feel inferior guys," wrote one account.

"Ukaca is so busy, a future mega star," commented another account.

"You're such a hard worker, little one," wrote a netizen. Just watch the video.


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