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Enchanting Tasya Farasya Wearing a Magnificent Dress Like Flower Petals
Enchanting Tasya Farasya Wearing a Magnificent Dress Like Flower Petals Tasya Farasya. (Source: Instagram @tasyafarasya)

Dream - Tasya Farasya is seen wearing glamorous attire. The beauty influencer with 6 million followers on Instagram chose to wear a magnificent dress in yellow champagne color.

On the chest area, the dress appears to have a pattern resembling flower petals. Four stacked flower petals create a luxurious impression on the appearance of Tasya Farasya, the twin sister of Tasyi Athasyia.

Tasya Farasya. (Source: Instagram @tasyafarasya)

The horizontally textured organza fabric forms an A-line on the train dress, creating a perfect fullness when worn.

Tasya Farasya. (Source: Instagram @tasyafarasya)

Tasya added a golden brown inner cuff, which made her appearance more covered. To complete her look, she chose high heels with a combination of copper and silver straps.

Appearing with 'Scythe' Eyebrows, Tasya Farasya's Face is Praised for Resembling Rose Blackpink

Dream - Tasya Farasya often uploads selfies with different appearances on Instagram. She not only experiments with makeup but also hairstyles.

The changes in her makeup and hair styles make her look different on every occasion. Her face appears younger when she applies 'scythe' eyebrows and 'mane' hairstyle.

Her eyebrows are straight without angles but slanted, so they still look sharp. Her face makeup looks flawless and glowing with a dewy base, contour, highlighter, peach blush, and pink lip gloss.

Tasya Farasya

Photo: Tasya Farasya/Instagram @tasyafarasya

Her hairstyle is also interesting. The front part of her hair is tied up into a bun on top of her head. Meanwhile, the ends of her hair are curled to make her appearance more attractive.

"Scythe eyebrows, mane hairdo = 5 years younger," she said in the caption. Netizens agree that she looks younger and more attractive.

"WHAT IS THIS? WHY ARE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL?!!!!!!," said @simsimyy_.

"Unreal beauty is you Farasya, so beautiful masyallah," praised @doamaddani.

"I don't know, but you're so pretty," commented @priskaayntyas.

"You look like Rose Blackpink," wrote @evaamanda_s.

Tasya Farasya Transformed into Ariel, Resulting in Resemblance to Hollywood Star

Dream - Tasya Farasya often changes her appearance with various makeup styles. She has transformed into an Indian woman, an Arab woman, and even imitated the appearance of Rosalinda.

This time, the mother of two was transformed into a Disney character, the mermaid princess Ariel, wearing a white wedding gown. Her red hair supports her resemblance to the character even more.


Photo: Instagram @vinnagracia

Makeup Artist (MUA) and Beauty Influencer, Vinna Gracia, did her makeup. Tasya appeared with bold makeup dominated by dusty pink color.

Tasya Farasya Transformed into Ariel

Photo: Instagram @vinnagracia

Her eyes were made up with smokey eyes, false eyelashes, thick eyebrows, and bright blue contact lenses. The rest of her face was made up with pink blush, highlighter, contour, and pink lip gloss.

Resembling a Hollywood Actress

Tasya Farasya Transformed into Ariel

Photo: Instagram @vinnagracia

At first glance, the appearance of Youtuber Tasyi Athasyia's doppelganger looks like a Hollywood star and Miss Universe finalist. The result is so glamorous.

What do you think, Dream friends?

Tasya Farasya Dyes Her Hair Red, Netizens: 'Real-life Ariel'

Dream - Apart from being famous for her makeup content, Tasya Farasya is known for her colorful hair. She has changed her hair color several times to update her appearance.

At the beginning of this year, the owner of the Mother of Pearl (MOP) cosmetic brand changed her hair color again. She appeared 'fierce' with wavy red hair.

This Beauty Influencer who also runs a culinary business applied matching makeup in various shades of red. From shimmer eyeshadow to lips.

Tasya Farasya

Photo: Instagram @tasyafarasya

Of course, her makeup also included eyebrow products, mascara, eyeliner, contact lenses, contour, highlighter, and blush. Her new appearance received praise from netizens.

The red hair makes her look like the Disney mermaid character, Ariel.

"Real-life Ariel," said @caroline_aje.

"Slide 4 really looks like Ariel the mermaid..," said @naura_aprilia_permata.

"Want to be Ariel?" commented @xvreverievx.

"Seriously looks like a beautiful mermaid," praised @rozamonicaa.

Adorable Flower Petal-shaped Bag by Tasya Farasya, Check the Price

Dream - Unique and adorable-shaped bags are always pleasing to women. However, unique accessories from famous brands are not accessible to everyone due to their price and limited availability.

Like the flower petal-shaped bag owned by Tasya Farasya. Just looking at its shape makes women interested.

Instagram @tasyafarasya.wearings

"So cute, it looks like a flower," wrote one netizen.

"Kate Spade's items are all cute," wrote another netizen.

This bright yellow bag is from the famous fashion house Kate Spade. The yellow color on the petal that forms the flower looks beautiful combined with the neutral taupe base color.

This medium-sized petal bucket bag is priced at IDR 8.6 million based on the review on Instagram @tasyafarasya.wearings. Isn't it adorable, Dream friends?

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